Optimizing digital experiences


Recovery of lost sales

Effectively recovers your lost sales. Getting your users to finish the purchases or service contracting that haven’t been completed.



Turns visitors into buyers using pop-ups and segmented messages that customize the user experience and avoid leak points.


Customized recommendations

BlueRec is your automatic and smart personal shopper. It detects the preferences of each user and proposes unique products both on the internet and via email.
blueknow telefonia recuperacion carrito abandonado
Alice Mancuso, Ecommerce Specialist, Phone House.
In PhoneHouse we value that our users can recover their shopping carts from any device, always landing in our e-commerce with the offer of products and services that had previously been selected. With this we get excellent shopping experiences, which translates into spectacular results.

Thanks to Blueknow we have found the cart recovery strategy that best suits our business, obtaining a great return on investment
qvc and blueknow personalization digital experiences
Donatella Bochicchio, eCommerce Manager of QVC.it
We have blueCart service integrated in our e-commerce platform for lost carts recovery for more than one year.
We are very pleased with the service provided by Blueknow, both for its facility of application and for the results achieved
hogar blueknow recuperacion carritos abandonados
Óscar Castillo, Marketing Manager of Super Studio
What we like about blueCart is that: along with the better conversion, the statistics help us to understand our target better. One of blueCart strong point is the intuitive and clear Dashboard, you can control determined actions and parameters, and the templates are rather direct so that the user can click on CTA. I think any e-commerce should consider a suite like Blueknow, to optimize the performance and also, as an additional service to the client.
Pharmasi testimonio Blueknow
Rosario De Leo, Fundador de Phàrmasi.
"We discovered Blueknow thanks to Giovanni Cappelloto. Even though an initial scepticism, we get surprised by the amazing results. It took a few minutes to set BlueCart up and running, rapidly recovering lost sales. Finally, good results led us to increase the use of blueCart, expecting to recover 15% of all abandoned carts with the new implementation."
Form recovery and abandoned carts
cliente blueknow carrefour alimentacion recuperacion de carritos abandonados
blueknow y MediaMarkt colaboran para recuperar carritos abanonados y recomendaciones auntotizadas
qvc y blueknow personalizacion experiencias digitales
carritos abandonados
hogar blueknow recuperacion carritos abandonados
carritos abandonados moda
Recuperacion de carritos abanonados


Experts in optimizing the conversion

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Big Data on the cloud
We help you get to know your shop better through different key indicators for taking strategic decisions.
Disruptive Technologies
We provide an easy tag that allows us to do all the work for you, even in complex businesses.
Personalization of service
We listen to your problems to propose solutions to your business, based on our experience.
Orientation to results
Continuous optimization methodology for conversion.
Cross device
We respect the omni-channel choices of the user, being able to connect sessions in different devices.
Instantaneous benefits
As soon as our solutions begin to work, they obtain results in a clear and transparent way.
Convert your visits in sales