Increase your e-commerce sales by
10% in just 15 days
without tech integration!

We reduce the number of users leaving your e-commerce store without buying.
If they do leave, our SaaS solutions get them to return to you. Buy. And buy more.

Do you have over 100,000 visits per month? Want to know how we do it?

In IKEA we recovered hundreds of thousands of euros per month in sales.
I would undoubtedly recommend any brand to work with Blueknow.

Federico Caro, Global Head of Retail for Vass.
Sales impact Flexibility Adaptability Niche product Ease

What our clients say

We explored existing solutions, both from start-ups and well-known brands, and we decided on Blueknow for several reasons, which have proven to be differential: innovative technology, engineering service, and an attitude of partnership, where risks and opportunities are shared. The results have followed, and we have achieved the goals that we set - and more.

Antonio Velasco - CDO IKEA Ibérica

In July we launched a pilot around our flight product in Colombia. When this was completed, we have observed a 120% improvement in conversions compared to the previous system, which is why we have extended the agreement to our other markets and vacation products.

Miguel Ángel Mestres - CRM Manager, Atrápalo

Want to know how we can do the same for your business?

Book a 30-minute video-call with us and find out!

Our cart recovery solution will help you
double the sales
of your current solution

Did you know that up to 75% of users start their purchase journey on one device and finish it on another?

We are the only CRO SaaS that guarantees the user will always land in their abandoned cart.

Even if they change devices.

No need for login.

No need for cookies.

… and no need for your e-commerce to store the carts.

We recover carts for e-commerce
We recover reservations for hotels
We recover bundles for telcos
We recover enrollment opportunities for universities
We recover reservations for travel agencies

You will not double the sales of your current solution ...

You will recover carts from unregistered/guest users, and non-newsletter users

You can recover sales from unregistered users and guest users. We can convert them to targetable users with the use of popups that add great value to your users.

You will increase your AOV thanks to our cart recovery tool

You will be able to combine the products that the user abandoned with the ones they find in your store when returning from a cart recovery email. Why not tempt the user with something they already showed interest in? They will surely spend more.

You won't need to train your team to use our tools

Thanks to our CSM team, which will take care of everything from implementation to continuous tool improvement, you will save money by not having to train someone in your team, and giving them the time to perform other tasks that are more important to you.

You will have total autonomy from your technical team

You only have to include a static tag using the Tag container that you are already working with (Google Tag Manager, etc). You will free up your IT team schedule without creating any roadblocks.

You won't need your legal team to perform a legal audit

We are the only market supplier with the ISO 27001 certification in Information Security. Your legal team will be certain that we can be held to the utmost standard in information handling, while saving a lot of onboarding time.

You will get a solution that will be 100% customized to your e-commerce

Being one of the few suppliers specialized in cart recovery allows us to guarantee the solution’s full customization to your business. We will develop a unique tool that we will create especially for your e-commerce.

We recover approximately 10% of purchases with Blueknow's cart recovery solution.

40% of the registered users trying to leave our store, end up buying something thanks to their exit-intent popups.

Lía Novoa, Marketing Manager for Don Disfraz.
Different strategies by type of user AD-HOC campaigns Loyalty Conversion

Have any questions about our solution?

Let us explain how your business can benefit from it

Some of our solution features

The first recovery attempt can be sent as early as 10 minutes after cart abandoning

The longer the user is able to compare your offer to your competitors’, or simply to think about it, the worse it is for your business.

The best solution for global brands

We recover sales in 28 countries, 16 different currencies and 13 languages. And we can display the solution in as many domains as your business has.

Self service A/B Testing tool available on all plans!

You can perform A/B tests for content, for time and channel (e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp, etc.). The tool will automatically determine which option is the best and implement it.

We retain anonymous users and convert them into known users

And we can also: ask them why they leave, help them finish their purchase, gather your NPS, generate new email subscribers, etc.

Responsive e-mail templates

We send e-mails that can be read on any device, resolution or browser.

E-mail templates that focus on abandoned products

We optimize templates to recover as many carts as possible, that prevent the user from getting distracted and exiting. The Newsletters antagonist.

We allow the user to receive
their cart as an e-mail

We added this very useful new functionality to your online business to entice users who are not yet prepared to buy.

We guarantee e-mail delivery rates, while analyzing its spam score

Part of the success of our cart recovery tool lies in guaranteeing that our e-mails will be delivered to your users’ inbox. No SPAM folder.

Integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC)

SFMC allows you to recover carts, yes, but very poorly. Thanks to our custom integration you can use our solution without leaving SFMC.

ISO 27001, International Certification in Information Security
B2C & B2B
Compatible with all e-commerce platforms
For any volume of visits (>100k)

Want to get these results?

We can show you how, and even let you know how to surpass them, in just 30 minutes.

We understand you...

You are worried that users who browse your e-commerce store leave without buying, but the worst part is not knowing the reason why they left.

You spend unknown amounts on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO, etc. to attract users but the vast majority end up buying from your competition.

Your high bounce rate means that you burn a lot of money in your paid campaigns.

Winning a new client is very expensive. If a potential client adds your product to their basket, but then decides not to buy, you have a serious conversion problem that risks killing your profitability.

Users use your e-commerce store to compare prices and contrast information. Not reacting fast makes them end up buying from your competition.

You are under a lot of pressure for not reaching your sales targets. It's easier to blame the financial crisis or the pandemic.

Your IT team is not exactly agile. The implementation of any enhancement is always delayed by several months, losing a lot of money along the way. The time-to-market is key.

Our clients were completely "lost"

What if we hire a Growth, CRO or Performance Marketing agency?

These types of agencies can help you, but they will do it in the early part of the purchase funnel. They often end up collaborating with us to implement the broadest possible improvement strategy. They are good, but not at everything.

What if we work with a marketing automation tool?

An excellent solution, but they are not experts in the final part of the purchase funnel. That's why they usually outsource that part of their service. Have you tried to eat a steak with a Swiss army knife? If you're hungry, don't bother!

What if we hire a large consulting firm to create us a customised project?

This tends to mean the use of junior profiles, with little specialisation in the problem they have to solve, charging top rates, which requires a lot of time and money on your part. In addition, they tend to propose long projects with little flexibility.

What if we install a plugin that does all the work for us?

This is the cheapest option, but it will never be able to adapt to your needs 100%. There is no team behind a plugin to support you on a day-to-day basis, so you will have to work out how to get the results for yourself. You get what you pay for.

Yes! We are going to do it with our IT department so we won't have to depend on anyone.

You will be in control, but no matter how good your team is, they will never be an expert in this type of problem. You will have one or more dedicated resources (collecting their paychecks) for several months to obtain a poor result, which you will also have to maintain, improve and evolve over time. If it's 'free', you also get what you pay for.

You have to choose between "getting it solved" or getting results

Our clients got it

Would you like to be the next success story?

You're just 15 days away!

Doubt no more!

I'm not sure if this is for me

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