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  • Juan Macías
    CEO deMartina
    "With Blueknow have found it possible to increase our portfolio and get a much higher stock turnover. With its recommendation technology, we managed to sell 90% of our stock, something unthinkable in other conditions."
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    deMartina increases sales 30% with Blueknow
  • Cristina Bañuelos
    CEO GangaHogar
    "We have been using Blueknow recommender in GangaHogar for over a year. During this time we have remarked an increase of 30% in the average order value, but the most important is that now we're selling more than 80% of the products in our catalog. This is fundamental because it diversifies our revenue and makes us less vulnerable to new competitors.."
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    GangaHogar increases 92% the clickthrough rate with Blueknow
  • Alex Soro
    CEO TeleAdhesivo
    "TeleAdhesivo has a large product catalog. It is difficult for a customer to see all our products. With Blueknow recommendations, we get the customer to see products they are interested in, and thus increase sales. In addition, we set it up in a few hours. Now, we've added product recommendations in the shopping cart and the results are spectacular."
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    TeleAdhesivo increases 27% its AOV with Blueknow
  • Sergio Costa
    Director de Operaciones de Opirata
    "Having more than 5,000 products in our warehouses we needed to automatize in an efficient way our recommendations process. Thanks to Blueknow technology, besides of achieving this and improving the general user experience of our web, we also have increased 30% our page views."
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