Xopie makes Blueknow Recommendations available to everybody

Thanks to the partnership between Xopie and Blueknow, more than 15,000 stores already have at their fingertips the ability to count on our advanced recommendation technology based on user behavior. With this agreement Xopie stores can increase sales by up to 30%.

About Xopie

Xopie Online Stores is an online building shop service that allows in a very easy and affordable way, to create an online store without technical knowledge. Xopie already has nearly 4 years, more than 15,000 stores opened, several awards and has pioneered a number of its functionalities.

With this agreement Xopie consolidates itself in Spain as the online store company creation in SaaS format.

About Blueknow

Blueknow is a company specialized in personalizing the shopping experience, that can increase sales by up to 30% through cross-sell  and up-sel recommendations («other users that have seen or bought this product also bought the following products … «). It is a simple and effective service that is based on the analysis of online user behavior to deliver the most relevant products for the user, on the web, email and mobile devices. You can see our solution operating in companies such as Venca, MediaMarkt, Restalo, Banak and Eurekakids.

From Blueknow we are very happy because this agreement makes available to thousands of SME the technology that was previously only available to big brands like Amazon, Netflix, Apple, etc..

Want to create your Xopie store? You can do it here.
Want to add behavior-based recommendations to your site and increase sales by up to 30%?

Contact us to contact@blueknow.com or 93 592 99 05

Diego Mosquera

Buying Experience Personalization