How to multiply your investment by 75?

Last month we conducted a A/B test in Opirata and the truth is that we and our customer is delighted with the results.

How was the test?

The test has considered a percentage of Opirata users, and divided into two groups A and B. Users in group A received Blueknow recommendations  during the test, users in the group B received Opirata alternative content.

Users who have participated in the test have been 19,642, with both groups, A and B, approximately evenly distributed.

What was the outcome?

Group A (which is the one that received recommendations) has been more active in all the parameters analyzed.

Starting with the page views they have seen a 10% increase, continuing on the number of buyers 636 vs 599 as well as sales, where the group A has bought a 9% more than the group B and ending with the conversion that has increased by 7%.

Finally, we calculated the return on investment Opirata gets with Blueknow and the result is excellent: for every € 1 invested in Blueknow Opirata gets € 75 in sales.

This is what Opirata says of the experience with Blueknow:

«For having more than 5,000 references in our stores we needed to automate the process of recommendations effectively. Thanks to Blueknow technology, as well as achieving this and improve the overall user experience on our site, we have also noticed an increase in page views of 30%. «- Sergio Costa, Director of Operations

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