What words sell most ?


Words MarketingWords sell; they are one of the most powerful tools that sellers possess to be able to acquire new visitors; visitors that can then be turned into clients when they get in touch with the product, the brand, or the store. These words cannot be used randomly because the way they construct a sentence or how they are used to convey a message can have a massive impact on the result of the sale, positive or negative. This is why we are going to give you some advice on how to improve your sales through the personalization of your ecommerce.


-First off, generate positivism in the buyer; the word “problem” has a negative vibe and can give a sensation of tediousness. To avoid that from crossing the visitors mind, it is possible to find more neutral synonyms. For example instead of talking about resolving a problem, we can talk about finding a solution, or finding a way to improve the situation. Their will always be problems knocking on your door but is isn’t necessary to treat them as such.

-Secondly, showing professionalism and skill; the wide majority of experts in sale recommend using the word “to do” instead of “to try”. Therefore instead of “we should try to” it would be better to say “what we need to do is”. With this kind of confidence, the seller will be seen as reliable and with great knowledge on the subject, leading to a higher trust from the client.

-Create interesting subjects for the client; We must keep in mind that it is ill-mannered to talk about one’s self, on top of that, the client will only be interested in the product and its ability to fulfill his needs. Once again the company is not the center point, it is the buyer and only him. Every time you have to get in touch and interact with him, instead of talking about ecommerce you have to find a way to change the conversation and start talking about his needs and his desires through words such as “your”, “you” etc.

-Awake the senses through your speech; to attain this it is necessary to think about all the words that are capable of connecting with our senses such as our sight, our hearing or even kinetics. Doing so will allow you to captivate the attention of the client by stimulating him. This can be done with words such as: “look”, “show” , “listen” , “grab” etc..


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