The average abandonment rate that it can be seen with blueCart is 73% , even if, only 24% (on average) are legally impactable with blueCart. What is it meant by “legally impactable”? If the user hasn’t provided his email and has agreed to receive emails, it can’t impact according to european legislation.

These figures have led to a new solution that allows to capture more users to whom impact with blueCart. The solution has been a new functionality of blueCart. They are pop-ups that impact before the abandonment in order to retrieve the email and the user’s content.

However, Blueknow has a compromise of excellence in its products. This new feature of blueCart has changed a lot, that has now became the new solution: blueBox.

What’s blueBox?

BlueBox are classic pop-ups (overlay) that appear in an emerging way leaving the website’s content into the background. But, nanobars are also pop-ups. The development of nanobar causes notification icons to appear without hiding the information.

With blueBox it can be chosen the circumstances in which the website wants users to be impacted. It can be also chosen the ideal public to launch the pop-up campaign. And, of course, it allows to maintain a design that agrees with our costumer branding. Also, blueBox gives the option to choose the scheduled times for the campaigns.

Blueknow’s new on tite retargeting solution, reports multiple statistics of the solution, of all the moments of purchase cycle. And it feeds databases, because it manages to share leads with any ESP.

What does blueBox get?

Obviously, before launching this new solution onto the market, it has been tested for its usefulness. Below it is shown what has been achieved:

We have been made various campaigns with different customers internationally. Campaigns are different objetives: from getting leads, to defining incentives in order, to finish sales,etc. We are getting conversion rate average to 8,3%. But, we have managed  a maximum conversion rates to  51%.

We have placed blueBox into customers to get more sales. We have reached an average conversion rate of 28%, reaching an average ROI of 92X.

In the end, we succeed in reducing escapes, getting new leads and customizing users experience.