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  • Blueknow has optimized the online platform of the Brazilian online retailer “The Outlet” by increasing its sales on 20% up
  • Recovering customers that have not finished their online shopping with a conversion rate of 15% instead of the 1%-2% from their own web  

Barcelona, 14th July 2015. –Blueknow, Spanish company that focus their activity on optimization of online technologies, continues its expansion on the international market with the development of solutions for online companies. Blueknow has contributed to the increase of sales of the Brazilian company  “The Outlet” through the implementation of different eCommerce solutions.

“The Outlet”, an online fashion store of high quality, concentrated the optimization of its online platform on the recovery of abandoned carts. The average rate of abandoned carts was about 87%, a rate that is very high so experts of Blueknow advice to use a tool as BlueCart to recover those users that had not finished their buying process. The eCommerce sales have increased around 20% since they decided to improve the customer experience and have achieved investment back of 40x in just 6 months. Other solutions of Blueknow that “The Outlet” has adopted and that allows them to grow on their sector have been the personalization of emailing and the product suggestions on the web as well as via email to show the customers the products that can be of their interest without the must to go back on the online platform to search them.

Enric Aparici, Co-Founder of “The Outlet” comments: « The use of online optimization tools like the ones of Blueknow allows to all those eCommerces that have a minimal spectrum of products to reach an immediate effect of growing over sales and an increase of the average order value, furthermore an increase of references and the satisfaction of the client.  “The Outlet”, that nowadays has 75000 visits per month and 15000 registered users, expects to reach a turnover of 3,5 millions of dollars.

Actions like sending email reminders or promotional emails have a conversion rate of 15% in comparison with the own online store, which often swings between 1% and 2%. These tools like the ones of Blueknow allow stores to recover unfinished sales successfully. Just by sending an email to the users that pass for the shopping cart and leave their contact data, eCommerces are able to improve their results in sales and in turnover.

Furthermore by introducing actions for “The Outlet”, Blueknow is managing different operations for companies of the eCommerce sector. Blueknow is working for companies like Dafiti, Famsa, Lowe’s, Venca or PhoneHouse and its next objectives will be to expand their presence in the market and maximize the capacity from the generation of eCommerces results on the internet.


In 2009, the three founders of Blueknow, Lino Bort (Director General), Francesc Magdaleno (CTO) and Santiago Ameller (CIO), passionates and experts in BigData, decided to give a reply to the necessity of personalization of eCommerce. Since their beginnings, Blueknow places its experience at the disposal of as big brands as any eCommerce to reply to their needs of individual personalization and on this way they reach their strategic goals.

Blueknow provides his services in Spain, Italy, France and Latin America and has received the public support from Neotex and ENISA.


Thanks to our tools, you can improve your conversion rate, increase the buyer’s average cart and increase your sales fast. Our SaaS (Software as a Service) solution transforms a complex product into an easy to use solution. In only a few days, you will be able to see results.
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