Innovative solutions
to optimize conversion


Recovery of lost sales

Effectively recovers your lost sales. Getting your users to finish the purchases or service contracting that haven’t been completed.

Specialised communications

We transfer each purchase experience, with the same aesthetic and features, from the purchasing process to the email and from the user to the same place where they left off.

Orientation to results

Follow-up and permanent innovation that facilitates win-win relations, orientated to a better continuity.

Platform of proper A/B testing.

We have our proper A/B testing system to optimize conversion.

Immediate launch.

We do all the work! The customer has to cut and paste a fragment of the static code to launch the solution.


An adaptable rules enging allows the establishment of recuperation strategies based on the user or the length of the purchasing process.

Pop ups

Help to prevent users leak points and increase the conversion funnel.



Turns visitors into buyers using pop-ups and segmented messages that customize the user experience and avoid leak points.

Types of campaigns

Pop-ups, nanobar, micro landings pages , responsive pop-ups , etc.

100% customized

You decide who can see pop-ups and when, keeping your branding.

It programs campaigns

It programs appropriate campaigns foro your business or promotion.

Immediate launch

You just have to copy and paste a snippet of static code.

Tracking of sales cycle

Follow user session statistics, from the visit to the purchase.

Sends the leads to your ESP

Synchronisethe leads that blueBox has obtained with your email service provider.


Customized recommendations

BlueRec is your automatic and smart personal shopper. It detects the preferences of each user and proposes unique products both on the internet and via email.

Dynamic recommendations

With each interaction, blueRec adapts the recommendations that are proposed to the user, even in the same session of navigation.

Real time learning

Every time that the user interacts with a blueRec product or service, it learns automatically how to complete the profile of the user.

Customized recommendations

We automatically detect the preferences of each user so that we can provide them with the most relevant products at any time.

Suitable for any shop

We can recommend all type of goods and services adapting our technology to any business.

Immediate launch

We do all the work! The customer has to cut and paste a fragment of the static code to start seeing how his sales increase.

Personalization in massive campaigns

In an easy and effective way, we manage to personalize massive campaigns with recommendations, being compatible with any ESP.


Users intelligence

BlueLead is the solution that automatically stores, analyzes and enriches the information of the users of your business generating prepared targets to be used effectively.

BigData on the cloud

Knowing how site visitors act on the internet. It allows the detection of  strong points and it improves the chances of gaining the competitive advantage.

Life cycle of users

We make it easy to understand the relationship between the user and our clients’ businesses.

Customized RFM segmentation

We study the user base for each business classify them based on the time that has passed from their most recent action (purchase or abandon), the frequency with which they interact with the site and the economic value that they represent.

Automatic targets

We automatically capture public objectives based on the behaviour of the purchasing and socio-cultural factors, in order to reach groups that can be affected in a much more effective way.

Connection of third parties

We can synchronize the full segmented database with any marketing platform to execute actions specific to each group.

It brings together all your shop’s data

Possibility of loading the historical transactions both online and offline.