A “cookie” is a small computer file stored in the user’s computer that help us to recognize it. The “cookies” as a whole helps us to improve the web page quality, letting us control which pages our clients consider useful or not. Cookies are essential for internet to work correctly by providing several advantages to improve interactive services, making web browsing easier and website use. Cookies do not damage hardware but rather help us to identify and solve errors.

Shown below the “cookies” that our solutions use for their correct operation in our clients web pages:

Recommendation cookies :

    • _bkaui: Anonymous identifier assigned by Blueknow to the user. This “cookie” expires in 10 years.
    • _bkuid: Identifier (or hash of the e-mail) assigned by the eCommerce to the user. It expires in 10 years.
    • _bklvp: Last visited products. It expires in 6 months.
    • _bkpur: Latest products purchased. It expires every session.
    • _bkexp: Last visited products to exclude. It expires every session.
    • _bkclk: Last product clicked. It expires every 10 seconds.

Cart recovery cookies :

    • _bkrmk:  Session information. This “cookie” expires in 24 hours.
    • _bkrmku: User information. It expires in 10 years.
    • _bkrmkt: Information related to event tracking. It expires in 24 hours.

Pop-Ups cookies :

    • _optiMonkClient: Customer Information. This “cookie” expires in 4 years.
    • _optiMonkSession: Session Information. It expires in 24 hours.

Cookies management:

The registry of cookies could be subject to acceptance during the installation or update of the browser. Such acceptance can be revoked at anytime via the content configuration and privacy options available.

Many browsers allow a private mode to be activated through which the cookies are always erased after the visit. Depending on the each browser, this private mode can have different names. The following is a list of the most common browsers and the different names for “private mode”:

    • Internet Explorer 8 and superior: InPrivate
    • Safari 2 and superior: Private Navigation/Browsing
    • Opera 10.5 and superior: Private Navigation/Browsing
    • FireFox 3.5 and superior: Private Navigation/Browsing
  • Google Chrome 10 and superior: Incognito

In the same way, to allow, know, block, or delete cookies installed on your device it can be done by configuring browser options installed on your computer. For example, you will find information on how to proceed if you are using a browser like this:

    • Internet Explorer from here:
    • Safari from here:
    • Opera from here:
    • Firefox from here:
    • Google Chrome from here:

NOTE: The information offered is dated October 2017. We inform you that with the passage of time cannot be exhaustive, even if the present “Service cookies” policy is periodically reviewed.