IBM WCE & Blueknow joint value

IBM WCE & Blueknow blueCart provides an advanced shopping cart recovery solution with session regeneration across devices.

Session regeneration is key to offering an optimized user experience and improve sales recovery by up to 34%.

Blueknow uses web-scrapping techniques to gather autonomously personal user’s data (email and user name) and all the details of her/his shopping cart.

This information gathering allows Blueknow to rebuild the shopping experience:

  • In the email sent to the user, with the name of the user and the shopping cart.
  • In the ecommerce platform, no matter the browser used by the user in the moment of the abandonment, the user always lands in her/his shopping cart.

With native Universal Behavior Exchange (UBX) support, you only need to schedule cart recovery campaigns in WCA as usual.

the current reality

“Cross-platform consumer”:
1 %

use a smartphone and another device simultaneously


are connected in every home

1 %

are opened on a smartphone

1 %
Online Sales

end up on a desktop device

blueCart technology does not rely on cookies, thus it is the only shopping cart recovery solution adapted to the cross-platform consumer.

About IBM Watson Customer Engagement

IBM Watson Customer Engagement (WCE) leverages the power of Watson to put the customer at the center of all marketing, commerce, and supply chain activities, blending customer data with external factors such as weather patterns, pricing trends, buying behaviors and supplier availability. By infusing these cognitive capabilities across all points of the customer engagement journey, businesses can better understand their customers, deliver the right experiences in the right moment, and make data-informed decisions in real-time.

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