What is good customer service?


In theory, the strategies to offer anCustomer Service excellent customer service are rather simple, and the fact of having someone empathic, friendly and polite should be enough for the client to feel cared for. In practice, it’s different; satisfying a client isn’t easy and actually rather difficult to grasp. By digging a bit more about the customer’s behavior, it is possible to find patterns that can allow you to give a better feedback, in this sense we will present you with 5 key indicators to allow both the personalization and optimization of you customer service.


Always end the conversation with good news: Starting with good or bad news always makes a difference and it is well known that giving the good news after the bad makes the person feel better and diminishes the impact of the bad news.

Offer the fastest possible service: It is becoming increasingly common that a user will try to resolve his problem by looking for answers on the Internet, or by asking for advice in forums. This is why it is of great importance that if the user decides to contact you, that you attend him as fast as possible because the more he waits the more he will lose interest in the product or the service offered and turn towards the competition.

Listen and be polite: It is a fact that the faster you answer your client the higher your conversion rate. In most cases, it is extremely important to be polite and to show good will during a sale or an after sale discussion.

Work for you client’s loyalty: There are many rumors concerning how to engage the client, but that doesn’t mean that simply being nice will make him loyal. All in all, the most important factor to be able to keep a client and gain his trust consists in reducing the quantity of work that he has to do to resolve the issue; the less he does the better.

Be efficient and professional: The first reason leading to the loss of a customer is a dysfunctional customer service. On top of that, a satisfied customer is more inclined to talk about your business and recommend it to his friends.. Free lead generation, and therefore higher gains.


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Sophie Coujoulou

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Image Source: This image is a derived work from « Servicio al Cliente » by RaHuL Rodriguez, available under the Licencia de Atribución “ShareAlike” Non-Commerciale on https://www.flickr.com/photos/rahulrodriguez/16167191831/