Digital Marketing predictions for 2015


124783-predicciones-de-marketing-digital-para-el-2015-1420174859The historical pillars of marketing will always be the same, but the progress in digital technologies is grabbing more and more attention. Therefore we must be aware of the new trends and capable of anticipating the future big changes in digital marketing by fear of being eaten-up entirely by the competition. In this sense we have gathered hereafter some of the most noticeable novelties of this upcoming year with which it can be possible to construct an innovating strategy concerning the creation or remaking of ecommerce websites.

First off, marketing will become less global and more personal: Today, our world is interconnected thanks to technology, but the marketing is becoming more regional and local, somewhat individualist even. Digital Marketing is going to change how global brands think and manage themselves. To go in this direction, companies will have to decentralize their structure to allow for a higher regional involvement and influence.

Secondly, more focus is going to be poured into internal communication: Businesses will put more energy into this as they will want their brand to become an ambassador, and will want their employees to live and be the brand, its vision, and be on the same page concerning company objectives.

Thirdly, transparency is on its way to become one of the most valuable tools in marketing. Consumers have both the power and the influence, and 2015 won’t be changing that, therefore biggest brands will not be the ones with the best stories, but rather ones which offer a real and detailed depiction of what they are doing to answer the clients needs. The idea of total transparency is something that few companies do, the majority were even used to try and fight it not so long ago.

Lastly, we are going to be the witnesses of the apparition of technologists in marketing. Too many businesses see things as digital marketing, when they should rather think of it as marketing in a digital world. The best sellers in such a world are marketing technologists, people that have a digital A.D.N and a technological perspicacity. They can integrate themselves perfectly in marketing groups and will play a key role in the creation and launch of new marketing strategies for ecommerce professionals.


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