Blueknow does 20% better than the competition



Blueknow generated 20% more sales than a similar solution.

Muradecal, Teleadhesivo, european leader in mural decals and stickers, set up an A/B test comparing our recommendation system blueRec, with a well known european competitor*.


We did a test during the last 5 weeks of 2014 putting both solutions under the same circumstances. The set-up was done a month before so that both algorithms had time to learn from the visitors and how they navigated within the website.

Both systems worked without any interruption and with the same settings during this period and both received an equal number of unique visitors.


After the test, Teleadhesivo sent us the results: We are proud to say that our solution is both more powerful and flexible than the competition’s.

We generated 316 sales against 254 for the other system, which represents a net increase in 20% via our recommendation algorithm blueRec.

Teleadhesivo’s CEO, Alex Soro, confirmed that  “with Blueknow’s recommendations (…) the results are spectacular.”


If you want more details about the study : PDF Version


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*Teleadhesivo prefered we would rather not say who the competitor was.