4 ecommerce web design tendencies that you need to know


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It has been shown that the design of a webpage is directly correlated to its conversion rating, which is represented by its percentage of visits that lead to a purchase. In fact, the website is not only a showcase for the product but rather a shop of its own, that has to be attractive, dynamic and easy to use. We will explain here after the tendencies that should be followed by all ecommerce owners concerning the design of their webpages.



Simplicity is key. As can been seen on the pages of big companies such as Apple, Google or Microsoft, the flat design is very fashionable: less colors and a greater focus on the content itself. Even the call to action buttons will be docile for 2015, barely sticking out from the rest of the page. Flashy windows and animated objects around the screen area will also be put aside.

Micro UX effects. However, simplicity is not contrary to innovation or diversity. Micro UX effects are what make objects or texts come alive be it by moving your mouse over them or by scrolling down the page in a clean and soft manner (zoom in/blur/etc.). Using such effects bring personality and a sense of quality to any website. For Online retail shops, a modern personalization must be easy to use and functional, with for example an effect that can give the user more information concerning a product just by hovering over it with his mouse.

Images in the task-bar. One of the most revolutionary innovations that will be a staple for 2015 web designs will be the one that allows replacing the task-bar’s boring plain text with images (commonly referred to as tiled navigation in the digital marketing slang). A high-res picture is not only more appealing than words, but it also makes the user keener to click it. This gives the website an overall more modern feel.

One design to rule them all. Even if up until now all recommendations pointed towards creating a different design for each piece of hardware (PC, cellular, smartphone or tablet), the new trend is to make a single one that shows up great on each one. Although this does represent a technological challenge, experts consider it as a necessity that should not be delayed.

As we can see, 2015 brings a series of innovations in ecommerce design for which simplicity and originality will be the key orders.


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Image source: This image is a work derived from “generation studio_web page home” by runzwthscissors28, available under Licence of Attribution on https://www.flickr.com/photos/sswinehart/4239702492/