Case studies


Phàrmasi transforms a 12, 56% for lost sales thanks to Blueknow

We discovered Blueknow thanks to Giovanni Cappelloto. Even though an initial scepticism, we get surprised by the amazing results. It took a few minutes to set BlueCart   up and running, rapidly recovering lost sales. Finally, good results led us to increase the use of blueCart, expecting to recover 15% of all abandoned carts with the new implementation.

Rosario De Leo ,Founder Phàrmasi.

Bikeos: A ROI of 41x

Since we integrated Blueknow to our site, our sales have increased 10% and our AOV (Average Order Value) is now a 20% higher. These results have guaranteed us that Blueknow works and that it is a profitable investment, as well as it improves the user experience.

Ainhoa Dendarieta Lorente, Manager Bikeos

Gangahogar: Increased their click to conversión ratio by 92%

We have been using Blueknow recommender in GangaHogar for over a year. During this time we have remarked an increase of 30% in the average order value, but the most important is that now we're selling more than 80% of the products in our catalog. This is fundamental because it diversifies our revenue and makes us less vulnerable to new competitors.

Cristina Bañuelos, CEO de GangaHogar

Helidirect: Increased their sales by 13% with a ROI of 111x

When we have chosen Blueknow, we quickly realized that it offers a lot of integration flexibility and the team is always there to analyze and find the best strategy according to the results it generates. We managed to increase sales 13% and AOV 24%. We are very satisfied with the service.

Sam Minh Le, Ecommerce Director

International presence

Blueknow is present on more than 150 sites around the globe


By working with Blueknow, our partners can give their clients high-end technology based on machine-learning and big data handling.

What would being a partner bring you ?

  • Increase your solution portfolio
  • Increase your clients sales up to 30%
  • Offer a ROI of 10x to your clients
  • Increase the users satisfaction
  • Create a beneficial and commercial relation

We can even incorporate our solutions of ecommerce personalization in your platform as a white label.

If you want to be our partner, contact us Become partner

  • Trilogi

    In Trilogi we are constantly looking for solutions that increase the conversión of our clients. One of the tools we use with great success is the product recommendation service blueRec. I would like to highlight its easy integration, promising results even in the short-term and above all its continuous improvement. It is a necessary tool to improve the performance of your store.

    Llorenç Palomas, Chief of Sales and Marketing at Trilogi
  • Viko

    Blueknow has become an essential tool for improving cross-selling in eCommerces… and they don’t stop getting better

    Ruben Ferreiro,CEO Viko